Founded in 2004, Pracxis is an application service provider that serves governments and corporates. We help our clients make valuable advances to their business, technological and communication objectives. Over a decade, we've built a firm uniquely equipped to this task. We have been working successfully with central and state government departments, public sector units and in the private sector from startups to multinationals.

While some would believe in the power of technology, we are focused on the power of people and their purpose for using technology. We call this human-technology partnership. We deliver technology and digital transformation from ideation to execution. We have a collaborative approach, yet being agile to client needs and expectations.  And it’s helped us achieve an effective value for our clients. When a project is guided a compelling human purpose, it has the foundation for innovation and achieving true value.  That’s what we bring to our clients: the horsepower to unlock the technology’s human purpose and create a platform for growth. It’s driven great results for clients.